Kinglos Electric Violin CTDS SERIES CTDS-R1311




On the basis of respecting the traditional violin modeling, this series of products pays attention to the change of the body arc and the vibration principle, so as to enhance the tradition with innovation; in terms of craftsmanship, it also continues the production process of the traditional violin, retaining the radian, warping and inlay of the body; the overall shape is classical and fashionable, with a modern sense.
The German shadow pickup is used to pick up the vibration frequency and signal of the original sound, which has the charm of the original violin, with bright and thick treble…


  • Professional assembly

    The size of Kinglos violin bridge, strictly in accordance with international standards and professional standards, fully ensures the vibration and sound transmission of the violin body. From the string height of 1 to 4 strings, according to the standard of 3.5mm to 5.5mm, it fully takes care of the comfort and professional requirements of the player. The neck conforms to the structure of ""tiger's mouth"" of the human body, which is comfortable, smooth and feels great."

  • Powerful pickup

    In terms of materials, maple, spruce, ebony and other materials are selected, and patent coloring technology is used to present different colors, textures and visual colors, so consumers have a lot of room for choice.


Size 4/4
Materials Solid Spruce Body ,Ebony Fittings
Pick-up system German shadow JW-1 type pickup
Set-up based on standard of advanced violin
Outfit includes case, bow, rosin, 4m cable, earphone
Color Brown, black carbon, white carbon, red carbon, blue carbon.
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