Electric Piano

Kinglos Electric Piano


Electric Piano

【Piano for Beginner & Professional】Our 88-key digital piano can precisely match the finger strength changes, which is good for early finger developing and feeling maintenance. And the electric keyboard is always in tune, so it helps beginners automatically acquire and maintain the absolute pitch.

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  • Full-Weighted 88 Key Digital Piano

    Donner DDP-90 piano keyboard is equipped with 88 full-sized hammer action keys(with adjustable touch response) and high-quality sound samples from real acoustic grand pianos, which makes it suitable for practicing at home, stage or concerts.

  • 128 Polyphony & 3-pedal System

    128 polyphony meet your fast trills playing. And this piano keyboard has a metal 3-pedal system: Soft / Sustain/ Sostenuto Pedal to ensure the quality of your playing, and aim to create new experiences in music and performance.


Timbre/Rhythm 1/128
Pedals 3
Recording YES
MIDI Connectivity YES
Power Adapter 12V/DC, 3A
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