Kinglos Electric Upright Double Bass DSDB SERIES DSDB-A5001

Electric Upright Double Bass



The 3/4 Size Electric Double Bass by Kinglos is constructed of high quality materials to ensure that the great sound lasts. With a body made from Paulownia, complimented with a Maple Neck and Ebonized Maple Fretboard, this bass boasts a full, natural and rich tone.

The adjustable bridge means that you will be able to get the perfect playing action, whether you are used to a high Double bass action, or a low Electric Bass feel.

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    Well suited to almost silent practice or for playing on stage; Body made of Paulownia; Fingerboard made of birch (Betula albosinensis); Maple neck; Body support; Traditional headstock with spiral; Scale: 105 cm; Height-adjustable bridge;


    The Pick UP takes into account the timbre and timbre characteristics of the original bass. At the same time, it adopts the sound acquisition technology of electronic technology. Through the front and rear power amplifier, it has become a new type of electronic instrument popular in the world.


Size 3/4
Materials Solid Spruce Body ,Ebony Fittings.
Pick-up German shadow KL-948 type pickup.
Set-up based on standard of advanced Double Bass.
Outfit includes bag, bow, rosin and supports for the abdominal area.
Color Black, dark red, sunset, carbon fiber
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